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Limited Time Offer: Primax 2-for-1 Special


Siemens/Signia new Primax technology
  • Clinically proven to provide better than normal hearing with less listening effort, even in noise.
  • your Primax hearing aids will be adjusted not only to your hearing loss but to your everyday listening environments.
  • Tinnitus Therapy: to help combat your ringing or buzzing Tinnitus.
  • iPhone streaming: listen Live, No Remote!
  • Remote Telecare: have your Primax hearing aids adjusted by a professional remotely.

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  •  If you need hearing aids you will receive the best proven hearing aid therapy in the world.  
  • always free batteries and great service whenever you need us at 5 convenient locations.  
  • always a 45-day no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.
  • Limited time only!!  New Primax hearing aids are 2-for-1 prices.
  • Come see why our approach has a success rate of 98% and why we have thousands of satisfied patients.
  • In business since 1993, member BBB.

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We have 5 indianapolis area locations to serve you!  
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Welcome to SoundHearingCare

We are committed to providing you with a professional hearing evaluation.  Your ears will be examined by a licensed professional, and we will make sure you have no wax build up in your ears.  Hearing tests will reveal the extent of any hearing loss, and you will know how much help there is for you even before you try hearing aids.  All of this is free of charge.

If you need hearing aids you will receive the best proven hearing aid therapy in the world at a great value and with great service.  Always get free batteries and service whenever you need us at any of our five convenient locations.  We also offer a no questions asked 100% 45 days money back guarantee.  Our new Primax hearing aids are offered at a 2 for 1 price for a limited time.

Come see why our approach has a success rate of 98% and why we have thousands of satisfied patients.  In business since 1993, member BBB.  

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We have been in business for 24 years and have five locations offering the highest level of clinically-oriented diagnostic testing and treatment solutions for hearing. Our experienced and dedicated audiologists and staff strive to deliver worry-free and professional management of your unique hearing needs by evaluating your listening range and helping you choose a Siemens/Signia hearing devices that fits your lifestyle and budget range.


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Siemens new primax technology.  
The World's only technology clinically proven by independent research to help you hear normally even in noisy places.
  • iPhone streaming options
  • tinnitus therapy options
  • remote telecare capabilities

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For years I could hear but not understand my family and friends, especially in noisy places. My Signia/Siemens hearing aids have solved that problem for me with their ability to handle noise and speech at the same time. I can once again hear what’s going on with my family and friends. I often wonder why I waited so long. Dick Crum, or Dr. Dirt as he is known in central Indiana and throughout the Midwest
I have used Bill Lucas and SoundHearingCare for years, and these new Signia/Siemens hearing aids help me to hear so much better in noisy places. And the tv and telephone are great. Stan Wood “The Weatherman”, WISH-TV Indianapolis
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